Choosing a perfect spot to pitch you camping tent

Camping is one of the most fun outdoor activities to bond with your friends and family as you create memories. Choosing a perfect place to pitch your tent can be an issue in the woods, but once you have some factors to consider, you will indeed find an ideal location. A camping tent provides shelter as you sleep at night and keep warm after a day full of fun, and thus you need a convenient place for this. The tent will need to be large enough for the numbers, so if you opt not to share, you need to consider an ample space to pitch.

The following are some considerations you need to make while you choose a place to pitch your tent.

1. Flat surface

The landscape needs to be of flat ground to rest comfortably once you lay your mattress. Remember that you are only carrying a mattress and not a bed for camping, and thus a bumpy surface is not an ideal spot for you to lay your back on, especially after a tiresome day full of jumping up and down. If you cannot find one that is flat due to stones, grass, and rocks on the surface, do not hesitate to make one because that is where the camping fun starts.

2. Consider sun exposure

You need a perfect outdoor experience as you wake up while on camping, and thus a spot where you can have the beautiful view of the sunrise is worth it. However, let it not be directly facing the sun but a glance at the sunrise instead because some tents tend to get damaged due to the scorching. Direct sun rays on an early rise would be like a toast in the oven while you camp, and thus you need to avoid this as much as possible. Choose a spot that has a view and not too much of the sun in the early morning.

3. Close to water

You need enough freshwater supply, and thus, a close source would be an ideal tent pitching spot. You may opt for a sport a few meters away from a river or lake nearby but ensure its safe from any imminent attacks. Also, do not pitch directly on the banks because it’s not safe due to rains and flash floods, which may sweep you out at night. Choose a safe proximity distance from the source and pitch camp on higher ground.